Image Stacks

Conzelmann M. and Jékely, G. Antibodies against conserved amidated neuropeptide epitopes enrich the comparative neurobiology toolbox. EvoDevo, under revision

You can download the full image stack as an RGB tiff series by clicking on the images.

Figure 2.

Platynereis (DLamide, FVamide, FLamide, GWamide, RYamide)

DLamide FVamide FLamide GWamide RYamide

Figure 4.

Capitella (DLamide)

Capitella DLamide anterior Capitella DLamide ventral

Figure 5.

Capitella, Pecten, Phestilla (FVamide, FLamide)

Capitella FVamide anterior Capitella FVamide ventral Pecten FVamide Phestilla FVamide Capitella FLamide Phestilla FLamide

Figure 6.

Capitella, Pecten, Phestilla, Barnacle (GWamide)

Capitella GWamide anterior Capitella GWamide ventral Pecten GWamide Phestilla GWamide Barnacle GWamide

Figure 7.

Capitella, Cryptosula, Pecten, Phestilla, Barnacle, Clava, Aurelia (RYamide)

Capitella RYamide anterior Capitella RYamide ventral Cryptosula RYamide Pecten RYamide Pecten RYamide FVamide Phestilla RYamide Barnacle RYamide Barnacle RYamide zoom Clava RYamide Aurelia RYamide