List of antibodies

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    Antibodies from Conzelmann M. et al. Neuropeptides regulate swimming depth of Platynereis larvae. PNAS, 2011.

    • rabbit anti-Platynereis-RYamide (peptide used for immunization: CVFRYamide)
    • rabbit anti-Platynereis-FVMamide (peptide used for immunization: CNDGDYSKFVMamide
    • rabbit anti-Platynereis-DLamide (peptide used for immunization: CYYGFNNDLamide)
    • rabbit anti-FMRFamide (peptide used for immunization: CFMRFamide)
    • rabbit anti-Platynereis-FVamide (peptide used for immunization: CAHRFVamide)
    • rabbit anti-Platynereis-LYamide (peptide used for immunization: CQLDSLGGAEIPLYamide)
    • rabbit anti-Platynereis-YFamide (peptide used for immunization: CKMVYFamide)
    • rabbit anti-Platynereis-L11 (peptide used for immunization: CPDCTRFVFHPSCRGVAA)
    • rabbit anti-Platynereis-FLamide (peptide used for immunization: CAKYFLamide)
    • rabbit anti-Platynereis-synaptotagmin

    Antibodies from Conzelmann M. and Jékely, G. Antibodies against conserved amidated neuropeptide epitopes enrich the comparative neurobiology toolbox. EvoDevo, under revision

    • rabbit anti-CDLamide
    • rabbit anti-CFVamide
    • rabbit anti-CFLamide
    • rabbit anti-CGWamide
    • rabbit anti-CRYamide

    You can download the high resolution immunostaining image stacks showing immunostainings with these antibodies here.